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Preparing for Value-Based Care

We offer population assessment, clinical value engineering and clinician engagement services to help you build the right infrastructure for value-based care.


Population assessment

An accurate understanding of the risks and opportunities for improving health among your populations is key to maximizing clinical and financial performance in an accountable care environment.


We offer technology and services that can help you analyze your population to:

  • Identify high-risk patients and patient pools
  • Focus care coordination efforts
  • Inform care management efforts and patient education


iCAREHub Exchange platform quickly converts large quantities of clinical data into an intelligent, actionable and continuously updated view of your targeted populations. By identifying patients in need of attention, you can more effectively target outreach, communication and care, even to those patients who are not actively engaged. Our tools help eliminate blind spots so you can provide proactive care and prevent costly chronic conditions and high utilization.


Clinical value engineering

By helping you get the most value out of the clinical processes employed across your network. We work with you to:

  • Identify clinical inefficiencies and identify more effective use of resources
  • Find innovative ways to use resources more effectively
  • Engineer existing workflow processes to be simpler and more intuitive
  • Reduce redundancy and the potential for error
  • Establish consistent processes for care coordination across the care team


Efficient clinical processes will enable you to increase profitability, improve quality and save time and resources. And we are unique in our focus on helping providers manage an entire patient population using a consistent workflow — regardless of the individual payer relationships currently in place.


Clinician engagement

By helping you promote adoption of your accountable care approach among clinicians. Clinicians may see the value of managing their populations. But unless you align incentives to reward value-based care, it will be difficult for them to maintain the shift away from a volume-based approach.


We can help you design incentive models that support and sustain the transition to accountable care. We also help bring clinicians and staff on board by:

  • Working closely with physician champions and early technology adopters
  • Offering onsite training and user-friendly technology


We will collaborate with you to establish a network in which clinicians:

  • Adopt a team-based approach to managing care
  • Share in the rewards of a sustainable, value-based business model
  • Develop workflows to support Population Health Management

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Executive Committee:

Gil A. Adorno, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer

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