Accountable Care Health Services,'s all about CARE Medical History Bracelet, connecting the dots... iCAREHub Exchange
Accountable Care Health Services,         's all about  CARE Medical History Bracelet,                 connecting the dots...          iCAREHub Exchange

Clinical Analytics for Population Health Management

Transform health information into targeted analysis and insight.


Accountable Care is evidence-based and data-driven. Its about the big picture – identifying population health trends and treating high-risk patients before their care becomes costly.


That’s what the iCAREHub Exchange platform solutions are designed to deliver. As clinical data flow into the system, the software analyzes it against the current evidence base and delivers it to you as actionable information. This information helps you:

  • View population health trends and patterns
  • Identify individual health risks and high-risk populations
  • Find opportunities to improve care at the population and individual level


The resulting intelligence is presented to the care team in a format that meets the needs of each care team member. This intelligence helps the care team:

  • Target the right preventative medicine priorities
  • Identify gaps in care, medical errors and quality issues
  • Devise care plans and tailor outreach and communications
  • Personalize care for each patient’s specific needs and characteristics


Tools to assist clinical decision-making


The power of the health care delivery platform lies in its ability to:

  • Continuously aggregate and analyze information about your population
  • Apply accepted evidence-based medical standards
  • Deliver the information to care team members when and where they need it


Whether it’s a reminder in a physician’s Electronic Medical Record [EMR/EHR] or an alert in the care manager’s population health dashboard, our solution delivers up-to-date information to meet the needs of each member of the Care Team as they manage individual patients and the population as a whole.

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Executive Committee:

Gil A. Adorno, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer

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