Accountable Care Health Services,'s all about CARE Medical History Bracelet, connecting the dots... iCAREHub Exchange
Accountable Care Health Services,         's all about  CARE Medical History Bracelet,                 connecting the dots...          iCAREHub Exchange

ACO Clinical Integration  

Data Exchange and Organization   

Care decisions are often made quickly and on the go. We put patient data at your fingertips so you don’t have to chase information and can take informed, prompt action for your patients.


By combining data from multiple sources and settings – EMR/EHR, patient portals, provider portals, biometrics data, Hospiatl ADT messages, etc. – our Care Delivery platform gives you access to a patient’s entire available history in one view. Our tools also help minimize data entry and the complexity of orders, so your team can focus on improving the quality of care instead of administrative tasks.


Find the right people with the right data  

Aggregating all of the available patient data is an important first step in identifying who is at-risk, who is already in a chronic or catastrophic state and where there is room for improvement in utilization. 

Data Aggregation and Exchange


Establish a health information exchange for population-specific care collaboration

The iCAREHub Exchange delivers industry-leading health information exchange solutions that lay the data aggregation and exchange foundation for population health management.


To gain a clear understanding of your patient population, you need to integrate clinical data so you can see the big picture – not just individual data points. The iCAREHub Exchange patented technology connects all providers and patient data across multiple care settings and technology systems — regardless of each provider’s level of technology adoption.


iCAREHub Exchange data aggregation and health information exchange solutions allow you to:

Aggregate all data

  • Capture, organize and distribute data electronically
  • Integrate data from all technology platforms

Connect and collaborate across the health care community

  • Create patient-centered provider networks with real-time access to patient information
  • Exchange data smoothly across the acute/ambulatory divide
  • Empower all care settings to securely participate in a patient’s virtual care team
  • Facilitate collaboration and simplify workflow around transitions in care

Organize and present health information

  • Aggregate data from patient encounters to create a community health record
  • Organize data to be accessible, searchable and reportable across the care community
  • Present a secure, searchable community health record to clinicians

Prepare data for analytics and population health management

  • Normalize data with disparate vocabularies, terminologies, standards and protocols
  • Prepare data for input to analytics and quality rules engines
  • Support the exchange of up-to-date clinical data to drive:

    - Value-Based Care and Clinical decision support
    - Timely risk stratification
    - Patient engagement

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Executive Committee:

Gil A. Adorno, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (954) 740-0282 (Florida); click here for Gil A's VSee connection.


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