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Accountable Care Health Services,         's all about  CARE Medical History Bracelet,                 connecting the dots...          iCAREHub Exchange
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The iCAREHub Exchange Platform is an advanced "Personal Health Record" [PHR] System providing access to a secured cloud based Unified Data Repository with patient medical history data obtained from multiple EMR/EHR System's, and from multiple care settings.

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Key Product Features of the iCAREHub Exchange Platform:

  • Provides a complete "summary" of the patient's medical history data.
  • Provides a Patient portal for secured online access and synchronization with the CARE Medical History "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" in order to allow for extended 24/7 access to health information. 
  • Provides secured access to Medical Providers and Caregivers that form part of the patient's "Circle of Care" to support the Care Coordination activities. 
  • Allows for connectivity to Hospital ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer of Care) Event Notification Alert Messaging services to improve Transition of Care activities; and help reduce Hospital Re-admissions.
  • Allows for Monitoring and Tracking the progress and status of Physician Referrals captured from the Physician's EMR/EHR System using a trusted Direct Messaging Service (DMS) email technology in order to improve patient health information exchange for better referral collaboration.
  • Referral Consult Reports, DICOM Images, and other important documents can be uploaded directly into the iCAREHub Exchange Platform for sharing amongst Medical Providers that form part of the  Community "Medical Home" Care process.
  • Supports Patient Referral reminders for upcoming appointments.
  • Supports Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring activities with connected products and services from "At Home" Medical Devices for monitoring conditions such as: Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Weight, Activity, and others to promote patient self management and engagement; health alerts/notifications are sent electronically to the Physisian's EMR/EHR for follow-up care.
  • Supports the CMS MACRA reimbursement reform initiative (Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) and QPP (Quality Payment Program) by providing the right tools to provide easy access to patient health information in order to improve care coordination activities to achieve better outcomes and improve quality of care, and help reduce clinical costs from duplicated or unnecessary tests.
  • Supports Wellness AWV+ Management process with HEDIS, MRA scores, and STAR Rating reporting.  
  • Supports CCM Quality Metrics (33 ACO Measures) to improve MIPS & ACO GPRO quality reporting.
  • Supports Case Management, Disease Management, and Utilization Management services.
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The right solution for those challenged with bringing data together from more systems, devices, facilities, and organizations every day.


There is a huge increase in the amount and sources of data available in the world of healthcare. This puts huge demands on health professionals, and the iCAREHub Team of Healthcare Professionals is committed to ensuring they have the tools to enable their organizations to have robust access to accurate and comprehensive patient data. The iCAREHub Exchange "Clinical Data Repository" Integration Engine achieves rapid interoperability between healthcare systems, enabling connected solutions in less time and at a lower cost. 


"Delivering Secure Health Information, when and where it’s needed most."


By using the Secure Messaging tools from DataMotion, the iCAREHub Exchange is enabling providers to communicate more efficiently and securely across the care continuum and with their patients. The iCAREHub Exchange provides secured "HIPAA" compliant messaging and connectivity for the exchange of protected health information (PHI) - for clinical use, and as part of the business of delivering improved care at reduced cost.


With DataMotion's Direct Messaging Service (DMS), the iCAREHub Exchange enables providers to send electronic patient referrals from their EMR/EHR System to a receiving provider thru the iCAREHub Integrated Care Delivery & Integrated Referral Tracking Platform for the purpose of being able to track and monitor referral progress and status; and, when the Provider's Office visits are completed, the Provider has the ability to electronically upload the Consult Reports, DICOM images, and much more into the iCAREHub Referral Tracking Platform which are then routed electronically to the Ordering Physician's EMR/EHR System using secured direct email messaging technology.


Imagine this, no more Consult reports "being lost" or "never recieved" in the FAX machine!  


DataMotion products and services meet Industry Accreditations from DirectTrust and EHNAC.

Care Coordination:

By securely integrating both the Care Medical History "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" USB style device, to the iCAREHub Exchange, and with the patient's consent,  we enable hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other authorized users, to share a patient's medical history for providing efficiency in the care coordination process; and therefore, reducing the risk of human error in every care event.


The ICAREHub Exchange is a valuable tool for Medical Practices to increase revenues from the CMS Chronic Care Management activities. With our patented technology,  a "Circle of Care" can be customized for each patient in order to securely track and monitor status of the patient's medical referral process; and, help increase revenues to the medical practice by reducing the number of "No Shows". 


Clinical documents can be imported into the iCAREHub Exchange from multiple EMR/EHR Systems, and from multiple types: CCD's, PDF's, DICOM's, and others. This allows for complete healthcare community collaboration of the patient's health information, as well as, reduction in duplicated or unnecessary medical tests.


With the iCAREHub Exchange you are able to receive and process Hospital ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer of Care) alert messages and exchange them with providers to ensure immediate care attention during and after a Hospital Admission. The follow-up care with a Primary Care Physician ensures medication reconcilation is done to avoid medication errors, and also help reduce hospital re-admissions.


Population Health Management, Value Based Care, and MACRA Financial Impact:

With the combined knowledge and expertise from Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, we are able to deliver solutions to  quickly convert large quantities of raw data into an intelligent, actionable and continuously updated view of your targeted populations. By identifying patients in need of attention, you can more effectively target outreach, communication and care, even to those patients who are not actively engaged. Our tools help eliminate blind spots so you can provide proactive care and prevent costly chronic conditions and high utilization.


Efficient clinical processes will enable you to increase profitability, improve quality and save time and resources. And we are unique in our focus on helping providers manage an entire patient population using a consistent workflow — regardless of the individual payer relationships currently in place.


Clinician engagement:


The use of the iCAREHub Exchange platform helps you promote adoption of your accountable care approach among clinicians. Clinicians may see the value of managing their populations. But unless you align incentives to reward value-based care, it will be difficult for them to maintain the shift away from a volume-based approach.


Delivery System Reform: Paying for What Works (short video clip)




The iCAREHub Exchange will help Healthcare Organizations meet the demands of the MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) Reimbursement Models (MIPS & APM's) starting in January 1, 2017.


Preparing Your Practice for Value-Based Care:


As a guide, you can follow the AMA Step Forward Education Series  or download the, 

Five STEPS to prepare for Value-Based Care -- Practice Transformation Series:

  1. Identify your patient population and opportunity
  2. Design the care model
  3. Partner for success
  4. Drive appropriate utilization
  5. Quantify impact and continuously improve


CMS MACRA (QPP) Final Rule released website: CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) 


MACRA Highlights:


The ABC's of MIPS - A Year in Review What to Expect in 2017 and Beyond


The ABC's of MIPS - Final Rule of MACRA: Quality Payment Program


Healthcare Financial Management Association Newsletter: Optimizing Provider Reputation under MACRA and MIPS  (click here to visit the CMS Physician Compare website) 


The ABC's of MIPS - Understanding and Preparing for the Public Reputational Impacts of the MIPS Score 




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