Accountable Care Health Services,'s all about CARE Medical History Bracelet, connecting the dots... iCAREHub Exchange
Accountable Care Health Services,         's all about  CARE Medical History Bracelet,                 connecting the dots...          iCAREHub Exchange

Patient Safety:

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Your Health is too important to allow mistakes:


The CARE Medical History "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" style device is powerful and the benefits of its use in the health care delivery system, will improve your care.
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Disaster Preparedness:


We are all vulnerable to potential hazards that could cause major or catastrophic destruction: hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, ice storms, and terrorist attacks. The CARE Medical History "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" style device is recognized as a medical electronic USB Device that expedites medical care, for seniors, children, the disabled, and the special needs.

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Buy the "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" now!


You have full control over your health information. The information contained in the "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" is updated by you using the "Bracelet" Software. The information is Private and Portable. The "Bracelet" wristband is Durable and Waterproof.


"Build a better relationship with your doctor." 


Let's face it, when you visit a doctor, sometimes you get about 7 minutes with them. Make the most of your time together by being prepared for the visit and sharing a simple health summary before you get there. The CARE Medical History "Bracelet" allows you to do that!


Build a stronger relationship with your doctor. Your doctor will know you better than ever with accurate, up-to-date information, and if you're really lucky, you might even get a "high-five" on the way out the door. Or you can just talk very fast. 


Did you know that nearly 70% of visits to a specialist happen without any information from the referring physician? When you take ownership of your health information, everything you need is in your "Bracelet" wristband and it's easy to access, filter, print, and share, no matter where you are. No more duplicate or unnecessary tests, and no more rescheduling because your health information was missing. Your time is valuable. Make your doctor's visits matter!


And for those consumers that need assistance, we also offer a service named: Health Assistant "Concierge Plus" to assist in keeping the consumers health information up-to-date in the iCAREHub Exchange cloud-based platform from the multiple medical providers. The support service is paid Annually in advance.  (See below).

Health Information Technology, or Health IT for short, is upgrading our healthcare system for the 21st Century. Today's technology is converting the information in our paper records into an electronic format which allows you and your doctors to have access to your health information when and where it's needed. Learn more about the benefits of health IT and how online, secure access to your health record can help make sure you get the best care. (Click on the image below to watch a short video presentation.)

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For Hospitals and Physicians:


The iCAREHub Exchange Platform is an advanced "Personal Health Record" [PHR] System providing secured cloud based Central Data Repository access and functionality. The patient medical history data is obtained by importing CCD data from multiple EMR/EHR System's, and from multiple care settings that are part of the patient's Circle of Care environment; and, the iCAREHub Exchange Platform is also connected to the AHCA FL-HIE Hospital ADT ENS Exchange for reporting Hospital Admissions, Discharge, and Transfer of Care notifications using Direct Messaging Service (DMS) technology.


The CARE Medical History "Bracelet" or "Medical Card" USB style device is integrated to the iCAREHub Exchange platform, and with patient's consent, to enable Hospitals, Physicians,  Nurses, Emergency Responders, and other authorized users, to share the patient's medical history for providing efficiency in the care coordination process; and therefore, reducing the risk of human error in every care event.  


And now, more than ever, because of the emphasis by CMS on the delivery of Better Care, Improved Outcomes, Improved Beneficiary Satisfaction, while reducing Medical Costs; CMS has created a website "Physician Compare" to help patients find and choose physicians and other health care professionals enrolled in Medicare so that they can make informed choices about the health care they get, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. (See below).

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click here to access the Physician Compare website.

Roadmap to Chronic Care Management Program

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In Partnership with CMS; we are Connecting the Dots...

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For the first time ever, Medicare is reimbursing providers for non face-to-face chronic care management. Let one of our Business Development Specialist estimate the revenue opportunities for your medical practice.


Click here to view the "Chronic Care Management Coding Guidelines".



Click for iCAREHub Program Plan Options (one of our Representatives will set up an appointment to discuss the plan):


What are some potential revenues to your medical practice:


  • U.S. average monthly Medicare reimbursement per patient/per month: $43.00
  • In a practice with 100 traditional Medicare patients, this could represent additional revenues of $51,600 per year
  • With 250 traditional Medicare patients, this could represent additional revenues of $129,000 per year
  • Help meet the MACRA Quality Payment Program requirements

And Now, CMS Unbundles CPT 99091 , Increasing Reimbursement Allowance for Remote Care [Remote Patient Monitoring] based on Patient Generated Health Data [PGHD] from At-Home Medical Devices

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Blue Button PSA for seniors 65+ with chronic condition.


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Community Programs: 


The Yellow Dot program is designed to assist residents and first responders in the event of an automobile crash or other medical emergency involving the participant's vehicle. The program can help save lives by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.


"What happens in the critical moments after an accident may mean the difference between life or death. The Yellow Dot program provides instant medical information to first responders on the scene of an accident. This vital information will help emergency workers make the best treatment decisions, especially when someone is unconscious and unable to speak for themselves". 


A Yellow Dot decal displayed on a car's rear windshield or in a clearly visible location on a motorcycle alerts emergency responders to look for the Yellow Dot pamphlet in the vehicle's glove compartment. The information you provide on the pamphlet will help emergency responders decide how to treat you if you are unable to communicate effectively following an accident.

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